After several years without a release, the EO team is proud to announce that a new version of the "Evolving Objects" framework is available.

EO is a template-based, C++ evolutionary computation library which helps you to write your own stochastic optimization algorithms insanely fast.

Learn more about EO on the official website:

You will find the release 1.1.0 at the following address:

Here is a summary of the change log:

  • massive documentation cleaning, now far more browsable!
  • provide cmake build system, remove the old autotools one
  • GCC 4.3 compatibility
  • new versatile log system with several nested verbose levels
  • an evaluator that throw an exception if a maximum evaluation numbers has been reached, independently of the number of generations
  • a new monitor that can write on any ostream
  • a new continuator that can catch POSIX system user signals
  • dual fitness class to handle feasibility of individual with guarantee that feasible fitness will always be better than unfeasible one
  • more statistics: feasible fitness ratio, fitness interquartile range, average size of individuals
  • new website, switch from CVS to GIT, and a cool logo!

See a more detailed change log at:

Do not hesitate to submit the bugs you will face:

I've chosen EO since a few years to code metaheuristics, after having test − and even code − several other frameworks, and I did not regret this choice. Since a few month, I'm now the maintainer of EO, and the main developper, along with my intern, Caner Candan, and we have great plan for improving EO!

Happy evolutionary hacking :)